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By Crysser
Is anyone else experiencing a large number of Warblers? I noticed yesterday a mixed flock of about 20-30 birds or so, all feeding on caterpillars off of my backyard plum tree, and they're still going strong this morning. I'll have to process the pics when I have time but so far I've seen Townsend's, Wilson's, Yellow, a possible MacGillivray's, along with some Warbling Vireos for good measure. I'm in Delta and it would be interesting to hear how widespread this abundance is. Quick, before the weather changes and they fly off!
By VAGAbond
On the morning of the 12th when you made your observation I went to QE Park and warblers were dripping off the trees that held caterpillars. The were Wilson's by the dozens, plenty of Townsend's and a few Orange-crowned that I observed. Also quite a few Warbling Vireos as you note. There were undoubtedly other species but I didn't see any. By the afternoon of the 13th there seem to be far fewer so they may have moved on already.

Here are a couple of photos from the morning of the 12th;

Wilson's Warbler by brian avent, on Flickr

Townsend's Warbler (m) by brian avent, on Flickr
By FYLegend
I went to QE on the 12th (in the afternoon) but my first time so I wasn't really sure where to look. Saw plenty of Wilson's, one Orange-Crowned (didn't get a good view) and an Empidonax flycatcher but not much else. Was hoping to find Western Tanagers but no luck there - the next day I saw some in Surrey near the Fraser Glen pond, as well as a few Warbling Vireos.

A few weeks ago I saw an Orange-Crowned Warbler at Green Timbers in a shrub frequented by Kinglets, but haven't seen it since. Last week there were only a few yellow-rumped.
By Creeper
West End New Westminster

Many Audubon warblers this year. Trees were full last week and early this week. Also many Wilson's warblers and Western Tanagers. Tanagers were a rare treat for my area.

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