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I recall a post earlier this year where a forum member and new birder asked where he might see a Northern Pygmy Owl on Cypress or Seymour Mountains. I recall that posting precise locations was discouraged but walking mountain trails was encouraged.

I hope it's o.k. to post that in walking the Baden Powell trail on Seymour today I saw a Northern Pygmy Owl on the tiptop of a tall conifer (Douglas Fir). The trail is snow free and the soprano recorder like hooting drew my attention to the tiny bird. It was not bothered by the foot and bike traffic directly below (at least 100 feet below).

The section of trail was west of the junction with the Old Buck Trail. It's easy to access from the road up Seymour. There's a little parking lot at the Baden Powell trail head.

Janet King
East Vancouver
Canon T6i ( Body only )


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