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Hi Ta, I can answer that one. I had that same question a few months ago. It is that lagoon area on the NW side of the jetty, just before you slow down to go to the ticketing area to queue up for the ferry. The excellent book by Nature Vancouver explains that this lagoon was created for the wildlife and they called it a Habitat Compensation Lagoon. The terrain can be quite variable depending on the tides and it is perfect for a number of species of birds. You might know that there is a little parking area just before you get there that might hold 10 cars. It is small so you have to watch for it. Otherwise you might miss it. I learned that the hard way when I parked at the base of the jetty and walked the entire jetty only to discover that I could have parked there. It was a good exercise anyways. Lots of birds on both sides. Good luck.
Cheers Jock McCracken
By KenW
Yup, you can ride your bike out there. Where do you plan on riding from? Personally I don't mind riding in heavy traffic, but with the new mall traffic out there is crazy now.
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