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Bittern continues today in the dyke ditch area near adventureland's bridge to dyke. Tried locating it on and off for quite a few days but finally with the help of another birder. You don't appreciate how hard it is to 'see' it. We took our eyes off for a minute and took us tremendous effort to re-find again. I swear they can vanish easily like a ninja within a 10X5 feet area.
By Slabs
birdergirl wrote:Mike Fung got some nice shots today of the Bittern and a Mink.

PS Congrats to Bridget on finally getting her lifer AMBI today!! 8)

Love the Bittern but it is particularly nice to see the mink. My sister and I saw one a few times last year around the boardwalk at the pond: very pretty.

Even though I saw Bitterns quite regularly at the foot of Francis Rd over the past couple months, I always found them rather tricky to photograph there. So I headed to Terry Nova yesterday to see if I could find one there. And was very fortunate!

Cory was already there when I got there and had a Bittern lined up in a very nice spot: thanks Cory! Always nice to get some bright, downsun photographs at relatively close range with the bird in the open. Come to think of it: how often does THAT happen... Oh well, makes us appreciate it more when it DOES happen!

Some images:





And I had never before noticed the blue mark on the neck! Nature can be very, very beautiful indeed.

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Awesome, thanks :)

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