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Congrats Bridget on spotting the Bittern.
Stunning shots Alwyn, glad I could be of help. I did not see the Bittern in its usual spot yesterday but something else was taking its place that went for a long walk and swim;
ImageNorth American Beaver by Cory, on Flickr

I was so hoping for a Beaver and Bittern shot together but of all the days for the Bittern not to be there..............................
By Slabs
Oh wow Cory: I have been walking past the beaver lodge next to Quilchena golf course quite a few times recently in the hope of seeing a beaver but no luck! Whereabouts did you spot this one: sounds like the same place where the Bittern was? EXIF shows that it was just before 5pm: is that about right? Love the shot with the beaver so clearly out in the open!

And thanks for the compliment: appreciate it!

Slabs wrote:
birdergirl wrote:Mike Fung got some nice shots today of the Bittern and a Mink.

PS Congrats to Bridget on finally getting her lifer AMBI today!! 8)

Love the Bittern but it is particularly nice to see the mink. My sister and I saw one a few times last year around the boardwalk at the pond: very pretty.

Even though I saw Bitterns quite regularly at the foot of Francis Rd over the past couple months, I always found them rather tricky to photograph there. So I headed to Terry Nova yesterday to see if I could find one there. And was very fortunate!

Cory was already there when I got there and had a Bittern lined up in a very nice spot: thanks Cory! Always nice to get some bright, downsun photographs at relatively close range with the bird in the open. Come to think of it: how often does THAT happen... Oh well, makes us appreciate it more when it DOES happen!

Some images:





And I had never before noticed the blue mark on the neck! Nature can be very, very beautiful indeed.

Great shots Alwyn

I agree they have beautiful plumage. Have you ever seen them in breeding plumage when they get those white feathers on the back? See here: ... 00/001.jpg

Also I love the sounds they make in breeding season listen here if you haven't heard it (scroll all the way down - right hand corner): ... an-bittern

Cory cute shot of the Beaver, we saw him last time we were at Terra Nova. There are 2 at Iona as you know unfortunately they are doing quite a bit of damage.

By Slabs
Good heavens Mel, the breeding plumage is incredible! I really had no idea.

And thanks for the comment on the photographs. I think this thread sums up my birding and photography admirably. While I am sort of OK-ish on the photography side, my birding is very much like my wine drinking. In both cases I have done it casually for years and years, in both cases am totally amateurish and I really have not touched on the technical side of things of either... and I am OK with that. I greatly enjoy the simple pleasure I get out of both!

So I have come to accept that I will often mis-ID birds (my apologies) and I have no clue as to how describe the wines I like. I like simple.....

From a very contented Alwyn
Hi Alwyn,
the beaver was first seen north of the bridge, very close to the last area that the Bittern was seen. It travelled beyond Westminster Hwy toward Quilchena where I bid it adieu. The EXIF data is off by one hour, the shot was at 2:15.
Next time we bump into each other we can discuss birds and wine, two of my favourite subjects.
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