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Nice one - I'd heard the Bitterns calling before we went on vacation to Kaslo and given the good weather I should be out there prowling my Terra Nova paths. Unfortunately other priorities, and "other peoples' panics" have kept me from getting out right now.

More incentive to get out there later this week.
By Owlet
Nice picture of a secretive bird! I've yet to see one, I've only heard them before. Is terra nova a good place to see them? I've heard reports from colony farm as well.

nice pic, owlet (adam!)

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Nice photo!

I rarely find them, on average once every few years. Last year I was pleasantly surprised to see one as I was quietly sitting on the bench near the intersection of the main trails at Colony Farm.

I also found one at the edge of Burnaby Lake near Wildlife Rescue a few months ago, my first AMBI in Burnaby Lake Park in 25 years of birding there.

In past years, I've seen AMBI at Ladner Harbour Park and DeBoughville Slough.
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