Greater Vancouver, Lower Fraser Valley, Chilliwack, Hope, Lytton, Whistler, Squamish, Powell River, Howe Sound
By birdergirl
Pirmin Nietlisbach et al. found a Common Teal today. The bird was seen from the taxi pull off at Tsawwassen Ferry Jetty (N side of Jetty). The bird was swimming to and resting on the gravel spit with a group of Green-winged Teals.

Here is a photo Pirmin got by digiscoping:


*Photo used with permission*

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By Birder2000
stevej wrote:This is the same species as Green-winged Teal, just the Eurasian race, for those who care about such things.
I think it depends who you ask- I'm pretty sure that many organizations, particularly in Europe, treat it as a different species. The AOU, which we follow to in North America, treats it as a subspecies.
By hawker
Hello all! Just letting you great people know that this guy is still here. I found him yesterday at the tsawassen ferry jetty on the north side near the gravel bar.

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