Greater Vancouver, Lower Fraser Valley, Chilliwack, Hope, Lytton, Whistler, Squamish, Powell River, Howe Sound
By Hulio
I'm hoping to get down to the city today (from Squamish). I think I'll see if I can get over to see this bird! Also, I'm hoping to photograph some hooded mergansers and surf scoters. Where would be my best bet for this? I think given the time, I don't think I'm going to get down as far as Delta today. Would Burnaby Lake and Stanley Park be good choices? Sorry for such a me-oriented post, just trying to make the most of my limited time in the city today! : )
By hawker
Hoodies are present at both those parks, Surf Scoters I would find them either third or second beach at stanley park. White Rock Pier is a great place for scoters, but if you are not going out that far...
Falcon ID (Burnaby)

Awesome, thanks :)

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