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I had an extra hour or so this morning so I thought I would try my luck at finding the Prairie Falcon from this morning. I need to add one to my life list and thought what the heck. I found it in a tree quite a ways off in a field. The original 'spotter' (Mike Tabak) showed up and allowed me to look through his scope. One more I can safely add to my list- cool. I would not have been able to confirm it as a Prairie Falcon on my binoculars alone. I have half decent Nikon's but without his scope I could not make out the markings.. Alas, the regular sightings for the area of Harriers, Eagles, Hawks etc rounded out my little trip. A pair of Western Meadowlarks was a nice little side highlight. I nice handsome devil in the trees back in Walnut Grove / Derby Reach welcomed me back. Just a regular bird in a tree shot but felt the need to take one more shot on the way home. The documenting shots are included here.
This is from my cell phone of the tree the Falcon was in. I can't even make it out in the shot.

A much cropped and super sharpened (to get detail in face features) shot with lens at 400.

... and this dark faced one
Mike Tabak relocated the Prairie Falcon today in the large cottonwood tree near Dewdney Trunk Rd and Neaves Rd. It later flew east and landed in a large cottonwood along Sharpe Rd, then flew to McKetchnie, then Hale Rd, then landed in a large conifer along Dewney Trunk Rd between Hale Rd and Harris Rd.

He also found a dark morph immature Harlan's Hawk was along Dewney Trunk as well

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