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By rawalker
Excellent! Very happy to hear it's back. I think they bred in the area last year although I was never able to locate a nest. Hopefully it will be a continuing bird again!
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By Flight
Saw a Green Heron at Brydon again. It was chillin about mid-way on the south side of the lagoon at about 6pm. Once it noticed me noticing it, it flew to a perch on the south-west corner just to the right (north) of the concrete overflow square (or whatever that thing is). Such a cool bird.

I noticed the east fountain going again, for the 1st time this yr. The air pumps (is that what they are?) by the white buoys where not going today, maybe because the east fountain is fixed?
By bird99
I had two green herons at Brydon lagoon this afternoon.
They were flying around the lagoon together, then one flew away and the other settled down to fish. It fished for about 15 minutes, then flew away.


I’m confused. How many years ago was this?

Yup, Stilt Sandpiper.

GHO from this morning.

Lovely shots, Keith.

Canon T6i ( Body only )

WOW... Just a few hours and I'm not able to edit. […]