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By riotambopata
Hi, this is my first post here: I am finally able to get over to Creston for the day this Thursday, if things go to plan. Apart from references to various places such as Speers Road on this forum, I can't find much info on sites that I might visit. I know only of the Wildlife Management Area and Duck Lake, and I seem to remember Linda vanDamme (sp?) mentioning in a post many years ago on WKBirds that there were Bobolink in the fields somewhere in West Creston. Could I trouble anyone to suggest a few places where I might explore - Phalaropes are my primary interest as I haven't seen any of that family since 2004...thanks in advance, Chris (riotambopata)
By therobwalker
Ebird is probably your best reference for hotspots and sites and you can see what has been seen where recently. Here is a link to the hotspots of the central kootenays and you can explore those. There is also a list of all the species seen in the region, from most recent, to oldest. i don't know the area at all, so i am no help otherwise...

Good luck!
By riotambopata
Thanks Kevin. I am a regular eBirder (just posted today's sightings), so I was hoping for local knowledge as well as the regular hotspots. But I really appreciate your reply - thank-you.
By Garym
If you're driving into Creston from the west on Hwy #3, a few miles before you get into town you will come to West Creston Rd. If you turn right and go about a kilometer, you will come to an interpretive center in the middle of a huge marsh well known for it's birding. The staff there is very helpful. I was there last summer at the beginning of August, and it was pretty quiet, but this time of the year, it should be pretty good.
Good luck.
Gary Magnusson
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