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Peregrine Falcon spotted south of Williams Lake

Posted: Jul 30 3:25 pm
by sgarriott
On a recent holiday to BC (July 2007) I spotted a magnificent peregrine falcon just south of Williams Lake, BC. (about 145 Mile). I quickly stopped the car and thrust my camera into my passenger's hands and gave directions. After a few shots of the bird sitting I opened my car door hoping it would fly. After a while it did and my shout "NOW" resulted in one of the luckiest and most satisfying shots in a long time - but most irking that it was my mother's finger and not mine that took the shot! :)

I came across another discussion site where someone mentioned seeing a perigrine apparently nesting near Dog Creek on 27 July. This may well be the same bird... but nesting near Williams Lake?!

I'll post the photo soon.

here's the photo

Posted: Aug 01 12:20 am
by sgarriott
Here's that photo: (from Flickr)


Posted: Aug 08 8:36 pm
by bradley esau
Nice one! Congrats!

Posted: May 06 8:10 am
by 70 Mile Rose
Thanks for the photo ... awesome!!

Falcons are quite efficient keeping our highways clear of rodents and cadavers ... we often joke about how they're under contract to the government :)

70 Mile Rose

Re: Peregrine Falcon spotted south of Williams Lake

Posted: Sep 12 12:02 am
by keithric
You and your mom are quite a team! Pretty nice photo all 'round!! :shock: :D