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By dindelta
I am planning a visit to Kelowna in August . Where are the best spots for bird photography at that time?
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By stumblingpiper
dindelta wrote: Jul 27 12:33 pm I am planning a visit to Kelowna in August . Where are the best spots for bird photography at that time?
Since you asked about Bird Photography and not birding, I'll make recommendations in that direction:
1) Depending on where you are staying, there is a small wetlands (Rotary Marsh Park) right by Discovery Bay (downtown Kelowna) that has a variety of birds (especially if you arrive early). They are relatively close to you, don't spook much, and are easy to photograph.
2) Munson Pond (Munson Pond Park). This park has a nice trail around it and the birds are pretty accessible here ... recommend a morning visit and you should be able to get some nice photos.
3) Chichester Wetland Park ... this park is in Rutland(Kelowna) ... there are several places to park -- recommend arriving early -- it is easy to walk around and you can get some very nice photos here.
4) Roberts Lake / Glenmore Landfill. This area always has good birds. Parking is a little difficult at Roberts Lake, but if you get there early, you can spend about 1/2 hour and get some nice photos. In and around the Landfill you will see both Bald and Golden Eagles (plus other raptors or Vultures). Excellent photo ops around that area.
5) Beaver Lake Road (in Lake Country just north of Kelowna) ... Agree with Merlinator -- viewtopic.php?f=8&t=16429 ... Beaver Lake Road up to the High Rim Trail is a really nice spot for birding in general. You hit several "bio-zones" going up to altitude so the birds are different. However, shooting them will be a little more difficult ... but it is easily accessible. You'll find a decent amount of traffic up and down but not so bad you can't get some photos.
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