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On Sept 25th at 2:40pm Michelle Lamberson found and photographed a female/immature Lucy's Warbler. The bird was in Sunset Drive park, which is just north of Rotary Marsh Park. The bird was in the bushes that run along the creek.

The address is 1055 Sunset Drive, Kelowna.

This is the second record for the province of British Columbia.



Photos used with permission*

Hi Mel Lucy's War - what a great find and such good photos. Can you give me some clues on differentiating Lucy's War from Blue-gray Gnat? I hope to bird in SE Arizona in spring and I know you can find both of them there. Thanks Clarissa
Hi Clarissa,

A Blue-gray Gnatcatcher would look very different (other than the similar gray colour) from this bird. A gnatcatcher would have a longer bill, longer tail and more defined eye ring and be a slimmer bird for starters. You can't see it in these photos but a Lucy's would have a red coloured rump, if you saw it in the field.

Here are two helpful websites where you can see photos of both and read the different physical characteristics. ... catcher/id

Hope you have a great time in AZ, I just got back from there and had a great time saw some Lucy's Warblers, Black-tailed and Black-capped Gnatcatchers as well.

On November 12th - 2016, Chris Charlesworth, Chris Siddle, Ann Gibson and Michael Force refound the Lucy's Warbler at the same location, Sunset Drive Park where it was first found by Michelle Lamberson on September 25th. As they began looking for a reported Green Heron, they pished in a late Least Flycatcher and then the female/immature Lucy's Warbler flew in. The bird was calling and perched in a tree along the south side of Brandt's Creek beside the first viewing platform which is located off Sunset Drive.

Sunset Drive Park is located just north of Rotary Marsh Park. The address is 1055 Sunset Drive, Kelowna

Exact Coordinates for the bird HERE

The bird who is very responsive to pishing is still being seen as of 11:15 am in the same location with an Orange-crowned Warbler.

The bird was photographed and it will be posted here shortly. ... lowna.html

Mike Toochin just relocated the Lucy's Warbler and we all (15 of us) got great looks at this beautiful bird at 7:45am. The bird was found 300m east of the viewing platform and is still present as of 8:35 am. The OCWAs and LEFL were also present by the first viewing platform.

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