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By birdergirl
A couple who contacted Global News in Kelowna found a Blue Jay today. Global News called Chris Charlesworth and he went over and had a look at it. He had great views of the bird and did an interview but had no camera.

Anyways him and the bird will be on the six pm news tonight :P.

You can also go look at the Blue Jay yourself he should hang around for awhile since he is coming to a feeder. The feeder is visible from the road please do not go on private property.

The Feeder is at the east end of Hawk Rd in the Joe Rich area (off Hwy 33) which is east of Kelowna.

By RavenLunatic
I was just watching CBC (the only BC channel I can find on my Seattle TV) to try and see the Blue Jay, but then I realized that the bird feature was on LAST night. :P Maybe a Blue Jay will show up here in Seattle! It hasn't happened in a couple decades as far as I know, but you never know with birds... :)

Did they get the jay on TV? It's now a celebrity! :lol:
By birdergirl
Josh, since I can't even get that channel in Vancouver I highly doubt you can in the US!

I checked with Chris and online and we both couldn't find it but he said it did air! So yes the little Jay has a big head now:wink: .

You had a Blue Jay in Asotin County before if you can get there it's a better chance one would return there than Seattle as he kept returning to that spot.

By RavenLunatic
I was pretty sure that it was CBC Vancouver, channel 99 on Seattle Comcast, but I guess I can check again tonight.

As for Asotin County... That's 5 hours away! :lol: Way too far to drive for anything less than a mega. :P However, if it were in Seattle (or at least nearby), that would be within chasing range. :) I looked longingly at the listserv reports of the Blue Jay you were talking about, but all I can do is sit and hope for a crazy Puget Sound bird. Birds have done crazier things! 8)
By keithric
:? Guess I'm late to the party here, but I did get shots yesterday morning. While not a lifer for me, it was my first BLJA in BC and first ever photo. A real delight!
Thanks to Chris Charlesworth and Michelle Hamilton and Birdergirl Mel, of course, for the alert!

The roads were fine, but de light, not so much! The forecast is for worsening conditions for the next week, warmer but wetter.... So, that said, here's what I found yesterday at the Hawk Road ground feeder. The activity is easily recorded from the side of the road without encroaching on private property or pointing a camera at the home....

"Went out, again under gray skies, to get some record shots. Found not only the BLJA but a passel of Steller's Jays, a sizeable mixed flock of chickadees including both the Mountain and Black-capped species, an engaging Hairy Woodpecker, and a pair of frolicking (really?!) Downys that were quite entertaining. A camera-shy Red-breasted Nuthatch also showed up momentarily. Even though the photos leave much to be desired, it was great to observe these species interacting!" :wink:

Here's a sampling:

Blue Jay - 1

Blue Jay - 4a

Steller's Jay for comparison

Mountain Chickadee - 1

Hairy Woodpecker - 2
I had not seen, for a long time, a woodpecker taking Sunflower seeds to hide them in tree cavities!

Good luck to Logan and others this weekend! :D
By birdergirl
Beautiful shots of the Blue Jay makes me miss SK! What a gorgeous bird!

I love those interior Steller's Jays that I can only see at Manning Park with their White Eyebrows!!

Congrats again on your first BC Blue Jay and thanks for providing me with the first photo of the stunning Blue Jay for the BC Rare Bird Alert.

By keithric
thanks for providing me with the first photo of the stunning Blue Jay for the BC Rare Bird Alert.
Thank YOU for all that you do to promote birds and birding, especially among us young birders ( :lol: )
not only in BC but around the world! :D

Good birding!
By ogopogo
thanks for sharing the beautiful Bluebird etc! fond memories of the pair we had in our birch trees at Sugar Lake (30 mi from Vernon) in the late 50's. I didn't realize they are mostly Eastern birds.
By RavenLunatic
Guess what? Blair Bernson saw the Clarkston Blue Jay today!! Looks like your prediction was on point - or maybe you were in the know before anyone else. ;)
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