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By ogopogo
April 6_2018-met a birder in SEW today who was curious enough to stop and ask the farmer what the 3 fairly large signs saying SLOW RARE BIRD on Blenkinsop Rd meant. Apparently there is a Canada Goose nesting alongside the road and any time a person comes near, the male charges out and tries to take a bite out of your leg.
By ogopogo
April 14_2018 Saturday. two fluffy white Horned owlets were peeking out of the nest this morning taking great interest in the big wide world around them. born just this week, they look like over-sized chicks with big beaks and eyes. every time something flew over, Mom tucked them back under her wing but I got some great video. so sweet.

Met a couple in BHPk this weekend who had a Western Screech Owl in their yard for a couple days March 3_2018 but it eventually moved on. Location was on Dallas Rd between Cook St & Clover Point. They have been known to nest around Uplands in years gone by if you want to do any night searching.
By Brett
Saw a pair of barred owls flying in McMinn Park tonight, in Saanich. Some fine hooting and quick, short flights from tree to tree. Majestic flights
By Zach40hrs
ogopogo wrote: Feb 20 4:20 pm Beacon Hill Park continues to provide surprises. A dog walker told me a Barn Owl was under the cedar trees by the Bandstand at 4pm during a foggy night about 3 weeks ago. It moved on. There are regular sightings of Barred and GHOW and even a Short-eared last year. If you're going for a walk through the Park, take your camera and check this area plus the field by the Zoo and the SE Woods by the totem.
Is there a specific time during the year and during the day for owls to appear? I've only seen mallards in this park...
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