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By crayolasky
I do daycare,
I have one group of kids, my coworker has another.
I had my kids doing circle..and my coworker went to play group.

The phone rang...but i didnt go to get was across the room..we were doing circle.
minute later my cell rang...didnt recgnoize the number...but i answered.
It was my playgroup..
They found an owl in a tree right outside playgroup.

hung up.. looked at my kids "Get your shoes on theres an OWL outside"
Never seen 6 kids get dressed so quick in my LIFE. we do this every day..everyday its a bit of a pain.
We hurried down the street to where the owl was..and i FINALLY got to show my kids their first owl. they listen to me and my birding and owl adventures all the i put them to the test. they acutally do listen to me as i ramble on. they were even able to identify a Great Horned Owl.

By ogopogo
that's wonderful for the children Chelsea. what a handsome GHOW. looks like a male. they are matching up now, ready for mating in January.
By ogopogo
Nov 14 Fri-Rockland GHOW spotted on chimney out hunting 8pm near RL&Oak Bay Ave Wed Nov 12. That Saw-whet I found in Gov House Woodlands Oct 29 was seen earlier resting on the railing half way down the Breakwater at Ogden Point. A lady told me it stayed while people walked by but flew off when a walked dog came along. Must have come in from East Sooke.
By ogopogo
Jan 13, 2016 7:45am 1600 Fort St (Christie's Carriage House Pub) Northern Pygmy Owl (?), described as tiny white owl by local woman walking to work at Oak Bay Junction, rested in bare tree while guy in pick-up stopped to photograph it. The owl continued to head East up Fort St. It is quite common for owls to come in from Sooke, past the Breakwater, and travel this route through Victoria. Hopefully, some find mates and stick!
Jan 1, 2016 Northern Saw-whet sleeping in bare tree seen by dog-walker at an ocean side park.
Barred Owls occupy just about every park in the City. GHOW seen as well.
By ogopogo
as well as the Long-eared Owl we had Dec 8, 2015 at Lohbrunner on the Lochside Trail, there was one in a holly tree at the property next to Gov House. both are gone.
By ogopogo
Oct 23, 2016-Rocky Point has 110 Northern Saw-whets on the board. one was spotted on Cedar Hill Golf Course Oct 9th at 6:30pm in the holly bushes along the path. other good places you are likely to hear or see one: Tuesday Pond at Swan Lake, Holland Point (I see little mice in the field) or on the Breakwater railings, down in the Woodlands below Govt House, Uplands Park by Cattle Point. listen for frantic Kinglets & Chickadees and you probably have a Saw-whet.
By ogopogo
4 Barred Owls found dead the week of Nov 10, 2016 from Warfarin poisoned rats. locations vary around Victoria says Ann Nightingale: Avalon (James Bay), Sutledge (Fairfield), Hampshire (Oak Bay), and one in Gordon Head. all are considered incidental, not targeted. the Christmas Bird count for Victoria is December 17th so I may be down 2 Owlets from Beacon Hill Park, we'll see.
By ogopogo
Jan 11, 2016-looks like we are back to the normal schedule for Horned Owls hatching in mid-Feb in Victoria. (last year everything was 3 weeks early, including GHOW eggs hatching end of January). My observations of GHOW pairs this week is that both are still down lower in the trees, hooting soft love songs to one another.
With fair weather coming Jan 17th, the new batch may get underway.
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