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By ogopogo
that crossed my mind too hawkman although they have been heard this week.

Found a GHOW pair together today in side by side cedars. They have been reported around since December and have settled in the last 2 weeks. Big female!
Hope this means owlets.
IMG_5181GHOW_f1 by ogopogocheryl, on Flickr
By ogopogo
March 30 5:30pm, named these GHOW Harry & Sally (considering you don't want the location disclosed). she hooted 8 hoots to Harry who was in one of his favourite cedar trees. checked some trees that might yield a nest but didn't find her tonight.
By ogopogo
no, most of these live in the city or heavily treed residential areas and are so used to people. the two Horned in the SEW of Beacon Hill Park (by the totem) left when the Barred female arrived March 1 and mated with last year's male. the Horned generally come back in August but may not considering the Barred have 3 owlets in this area. the one sitting over the sidewalk on Rockland Ave on the way up to Gov't House has been seen on occasion by local residents. there is a pair in the King's Pond area (top of Cedar Hill Golf Course). it was at the pond at 6pm last week hunting. my friend got a photo. the Horned pair that had 3 owlets at Pacific Forestry last Feb 14 had plenty of company and didn't seem all that concerned. we tried to be respectful. They were much more concerned with the competing Red-tailed Hawks in the area.
By Everett
Thanks for the quick and informative reply to my message. My next trip out that way will again be Beacon Hill Park!
By crayolasky
Myself and the other photographer (in the hat)
Zipped over to kings pond tonight after beacon hill.
I found the area easily. The owl left certain orange and brown markings on the ground to indicate I was in the right place....
I couldn't find the owl. But the other photographer found me and he pointed it or to me. Was a bit too dark for much crap camera. But I did get a couple shots. His did amazing. That's what I want.
I'll post what I got tomorrow.
By ogopogo
lol, good. that was Brian. she is much easier to find with 2 crows cawing in her face. I'll have to ask the locals if she had an owlet this year. she did last year but it got killed by the RTHA (and the two Adult Owls reciprocated by killing the Juvenile RTHA last October.)
By crayolasky
Found the owls at rithets bog tonight.
Was a by difficult at first.
Walked the trail. Saw the signs on te ground that they were around.
Walked all the way to the end and making my way back with some local neighbours I'd never met walking behind me.
I felt funny looking around and stopping.
But it turns out they were there for the same reason I was. We all came to a dead stop when we heard baby owl screeches.we knew where it was coming from but couldn't see it. Way in the bush.
I walked trail again and was on my way to my car. (Always as I leave!
When I saw a very in graceful baby owl flying across the road between trees back and forth.
It was mad. A squirrel was climbing in the tree next to it. Teasing it. But it's not at hunting stages and was screaming for mom to bring it dinner.

Too dad and high for any kind of quality pic. But with my new camera that could change.
Happy to have found them.
By crayolasky
was on my maggie-less venture tonight i decided to pop over to kings pond quick.
again..not dressed for this and knowing hte misquitoes were bad i made a plan of not sticking around too long...which worked out perfect because i found the GHO as soon as i entered.
he was sitting right there..
was able to get a few shots of him...but he is way more skittish then the SEW owls
took note of that and will continue going without the fur ball.


So much happier with these ones then the ones with my old was lighter and he was lower..but still..this is a million times better.
By ogopogo
wow, that Panasonic is impressive! love these shots Chelsea. it's the female GHOW; she's huge. I've seen the male over the last couple years and he is smaller.
By ogopogo
July 12 Saturday 5pm got a video of GHOW at KP gular fluttering (panting)
It was hot, 29 degrees.
also heard a raccoon raid a Quail's nest. poor Quail was wailing. got audio.
missed the American Redstart seen up at Ascot near KP.
IMG_3317GHOWpants2 by ogopogocheryl, on Flickr
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