Greater Victoria, Gulf Islands, Cowichan Valley, Nanaimo and Centrial Island, Port Alberni, Tofino, North Island
That's very cool and I can believe it.

The occasional Ruby-throated does come through BC but this is extremely late for one to show up but stranger things have happened. Ruby-Throated's should be in Southern Meixco and Central America now.

I hope you can get a pic to help confirm the ID.

Cheers and thanks for sharing.
I have indeed spotted a ruby hummingbird pair in our patio. They love our constant trickling water bath and really act as if no one is watching.....splashing around. We thought we had Anna’s for sure until today when suddenly a hummingbird appeared with a bright red neck, followed by a small green backed Hummingbird right after the male flew away. All this in the courtyard of a condo in lower north Vancouver. I’m not an expert but from what I saw today it was definitely a ruby
Ruby-throated and Rufous have started there northward migration, the Ruby-throated up the east coast and the Rufous up the west coast. You never know what will show up.

The best thing to do is get a picture, Rufous have a red throat and it wouldn't be that unusual for them to show up there, there already on ebird in washington state.
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