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By jewill
Yes, a female.
As per your previous post, if you want to discourage them from this type of feeder you can try taking the cross bar off from the end of the perch. Also if possible, shove the perch in so that only about 5/8 inch sticks out; House Sparrows are, well to be polite, chunkier than chickadees, song sparrows and other common backyard birds so they will have a hard time holding on to such a short perch, where the others can manage much better.
Another somewhat effective deterrent that I’ve heard of but not tried is to offer a feeder filled with only cracked corn and place that feeder far away from your other feeder(s). House sparrows love cracked corn, where other birds not so much, so they will stay with what they love and keep away from the other feeder, or so the theory goes.
I guess the bottom line with House Sparrows is you have to learn to live with them because they certainly aren’t going anywhere.
By mcrosbie
I have decided to let them come. A white-crowned sparrow have found it's way to my feeder. Also, I've had a couple of northern flickers arrive and they love my suet feeder. Thanks for your advice. it's good information.
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Thank you!

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