Greater Victoria, Gulf Islands, Cowichan Valley, Nanaimo and Centrial Island, Port Alberni, Tofino, North Island
Fri Jan 19_2018 low overcast, 7 degrees, dead calm. it's the first day I've seen the wind marked as Zero for Victoria on weathernetwork, unlike the North of the Island where they have had hurricane force winds and 31 ft waves. took a walk up to Summit Hill Reservoir to see what flocks were coming through. only 15 Northern Shovelers going around in a feeding circle, a few Bufflehead, a Lesser Scaup and a few Mallards. A Cooper's Hawk was preening in a Garry Oak tree at the bottom of the 50 step stairs. At the North exit, a 3 yr Bald Eagle flew into the tip-top of a douglas fir and wobbled around trying to get purchase. nice white stripes coming in on its tail and head.
On to Cedar Hill Rec Centre to see a display of paintings of Owls, Swans, Birds and Fox. Keep hoping the American Kestrel of 2 yrs ago will come back above the centre but it hasn't. Saw signs where the Barred had been hunting last night but didn't see it nor the Horned. water levels are very high so it's impossible to get under the marsh area. tons of Mallards and a couple dozen Wood Ducks, 8 Ring-necked, a Lesser Scaup, and a few geese on King's Pond. Steller's Jays, cowbirds etc. The usual car pulled up with a sack of grain in the trunk, so all the ducks were happy. No sign of the Sharp-shinned or Red-tailed today. The workers are spreading shavings on the paths; a lot of blackberry bushes have been hacked down. Only a couple intrepid golfers out today.
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