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I had a hummingbird feeder up for a few weeks the summer of 2015 and not one hummingbird came to drink from it, so I removed it. I have a regular group of chickadees that eat from my feeders daily.

I just happened to be looking out the window when a hummingbird arrived at the cedar tree outside my window and quickly darted away.

My thought was, where will it get enough food to keep up his/her energy and in this cold weather, will it survive?

If anyone has comments, I would love to hear them. None of my neighbours have hummingbird feeders up, so I am shocked that the bird came to my tree.

This is in the city of Courtenay.
are you going to put your hummingbird feeder up again? it's a bit of work in the winter but worth the joy of having them visit. I have 2 pair constantly in Victoria.
here is the answer from the Internet on what they eat in the winter:
"Anna's Hummingbirds trying to survive a cold winter also have another item in their bag of tricks: They eat insects and spiders. They will hawk flying insects, glean tree hoppers from leaves, probe crevices for spiders, steal captured insects from spider webs, and pluck trapped insects from tree sap."
Put the feeder back up ,they remember them from the Summer.
I have had two up and running all summer with the occasional visits,,
Now for the past 3 weeks there are 3 Anna,s and a Calliope here most of the day
with one who guards the feeders from sun up to sun down.

This is the one that guards the feeders.
Thank you both for your prompt replies. Unfortunately, since I thought I would never have hummingbirds come to my feeder, I donated the feeder to the Salvation Army Thrift shop. I find that keeping two feeders filled with seeds and suet enough for me to handle.

I am glad to hear that hummingbirds have other food sources they can rely on during the fall and winter months.

I'm sure there are others who have feeders up for them.
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