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By ogopogo
a nice rarity for Victoria, a Blue Jay at 10 Mile Point-2939 Seapoint Dr & cul-de-sac
seen Oct 31, 2017 & Nov 1. this area seems to attract birds during cold snaps like the Tropical Kingbird last Dec.
By ogopogo
Sat Nov 11, 2017 11:56am-got some good shots and video of the Blue Jay (and the pretty leucistic Fox Sparrow Sooty)
feeding at a backyard ground feeder (also brown & green small bird feeders with yellow straps) with but maintaining some separation from 5 Steller's Jays, thanks to Elaine and her bins. She ran back to get 5 other birders and by time they got there a few minutes later, the Blue Jay was full and had flown into the trees, not to return. I see it was sighted at 10 on eBird, so maybe it shows up every couple hours. This is the back yard of a 2 story white house on the Konukson Park Trail accessed via Sea Point Dr beside the house with a white sports fishing boat. no park sign on this entrance trail, just a big rock. walk in 10 minutes until you see the fence with lattice top. it's the next house. ie take Telegraph Rd, turn right on Tudor, left at top of hill, left on Bedford (sign partially hidden by a bush), it turns into Sea Point Dr.
Watch for deer. There is a 4 point buck that could take your fender off. Sign says Cars 4 Deer 0 so far.
At the feeder location, there was a pair of Pileated across the path, and a Sharp-shinned Hawk on the way out.
By ogopogo
meant to mention: the lady of the house is very nice. she came out to talk to us. avid birder, pretty excited to have the Blue Jay in her back yard. her feeders are all full with many little birds feeding and Steller's Jays clinging to them doing circles as the feeders sway. lots of feed for the larger birds on the ground. the Blue Jay tends to eat along the back area against the trees. with the rain this week, there's a good chance he will stick to that yard. there's a fallen shrub which means you have to get down low to get a good shot.
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