This area is to support members and businesses who offer birding tours, accomodations at birding destinations, birding books, wild bird products and equipment.
Posting Guidelines for Businesses and Tour Operators

Welcome to the Birding BC website. Birding is a great pastime and I know many visitors and new birders are looking for products and services in our region. It is my pleasure to allow businesses to advertise their offering as it helps to promote the industry as a whole. It is my belief that strong birding industry and community presence in our province can spin off as a financial reason for better conservation programs and measures.

Guidelines for your advertisement:

1. Products must be birding related and offered in BC. This site covers birding trips, photography, back-yard birding (so bird friendly gardening is ok), wild bird feeding, nest-boxes, and bird habitat conservation.

2. Links to your business website are fine.

3. You are encouraged to participate elseware within the birding forums.

4. If your offer has expired (past the offer date), please login and remove your posting so that it doesn't clutter the posting space. You can edit your posting with an updated offer if you like.

5. Consider asking for member feedback on your tour, products, or services. This is an excellent way to give some credibility to your business.

6. Post pricing information if you have specific rates for a service or product.

7. We have the right to remove your posting if what you offer is not in the best interest of the birding community or this site. This site promotes ethical birding practices.

8. Members will be encouraged to reply to your ads. It is a good practice to respond to member questions. Maintain a valid email in your member profile so that you can be notified when there is a relpy.

9. Please DO NOT post your advertisement to other locations within the forum site.

10. In exchange for providing this area and helping to promote your business, I ask that you consider adding a link back to the Birding BC website.

- - -

As this is a new section within the Birding BC site, I will monitor this posting area and make adjustments as required.

Best regards,

Kevin Slagboom
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By BirdingBC
How to post an image or photo with your message.

REQ: You need to have your image already uploaded to a hosting provider or another web site.


1. Get the URL for the image you want to post.

TIP: In most web browsers, you can browse to the photo online and then right-click to "view image". When viewing only the image, the URL in the browser address bar is the path to that image. COPY that Path.

2. Past the image path URL into a message:


3. Wrap the image path with Image. The buttons about help. After you have pasted the URL, highlight/select it and then hit the "Img" button above. It should wrap the image URL with the code.
Make sure there are no spaces inside the Image or it won't work.

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