This area is to support members and businesses who offer birding tours, accomodations at birding destinations, birding books, wild bird products and equipment.
By khawk
I have been perusing the recommended bird guides for ideas and I am wondering why there is no mention of Birds of Coastal British Columbia by Campbell, Kennedy. It is available pretty much anywhere . Does no one use it?
By kpgdn
I am hoping for recommendations on what birding field book would be best to take on my holiday to Eruope, southern Germany, Czech republic and southern Poland
Birds of Europe(Princeton Field Guides) seems like a popular one
By Mikelcharles1
Hi All,

This idea for this section of the Birding BC site is to have a place where businesses can post their products and services. I support birding businesses (especially those that are ethically and conservation minded and give back to the community) and I want those businesses to feel they to have a logical place to inform the birding community of their offerings. At the same time, to help our birding community, I felt this area makes sense in keeping other forum areas free of advertising.

This is a new idea and if you have any feedback, ideas, etc, please reply to this message.

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