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While I realize this is a birding forum (and that is my principal interest) my wife and I are planning to do some grizzly bear and marine life photography from Telegraph Cove on North Vancouver island to Knight Inlet in September 2009. I've looked into several Tour websites but I'd ike to know from members of this forum if they have any positive experience with any of these tour companies.

I intend to do some birding around the south part of the island, around Qualicum beach and Nanaimo on my drive south to catch the return ferry.

Any help is much appreciated.
By StephenS
I don't believe there are any grizzlies on Vancouver island.
By Guy L. Monty
I can't give any recommendations personally, as I've never been on one of these tours, and don't know anyone that has.

You might give the folks at Stubbs Island Whale Watching a call. I don't think they do tours over to the mainland, but they are located in Telegraph cove and could probably give you a good recommendation. They essentially started the Whale watching industry in this area, and are the most conscientious tour operators I've ever seen.

Last fall the Nature Trust of BC ran a tour out of Telegraph cove I believe. Maybe google them and see if they have anything planned for this year?

Oh, and as to Grizzlies occurring on Vancouver Island, apparently we do have a few now. For reasons unknown, they have started swimming over from the mainland. Several have been shot for causing trouble around Port Hardy and Sayward over the past five years.

If you need any birding advice about sites on the north island or the Parksville-Qualicum areas, feel free to send me an e-mail.
By dmclenna
Hello Wings
Guy is correct, Vancouver Island has had more Grizzly sightings than usual of over the part 5 years or so. Likely connected to the declining populations of spawning salmon on some of their favorite mainland watersheds. I worked for the National Park Service in Banff for a short time with the grizzly relocation crew. These bears are extremely adaptable and will forage hundreds of miles in search of food sources.

As for tours:
1. Eagle Eye Adventures based out of Campbell River are excellent. They don't have a dedicated Grizzly tour but will arrange a private 5 hour excusion over to the main land from C River. Warning: its expensive.

2.King Inlet Lodge is the primo tour outfit for Grizz. Top of the heap. But you will pay dearly. But absolute top quality all the way. ... canada.php

Good Luck to You
By wings
Thanks everyone. Looks like Stubbs Island tours and Realadventures are the ones to go with. September 2009 is an eternity for me to wait.
By dmclenna
Hey there Kim

Enjoyed looking at your pictures on Pbase. Love the Bears!! Also, your bird pics are very very good. Loved the Roseate Spoonbill shots. You really got the intense color these birds can exibit.

A personal question, if you and the web administrator don't mind?
Do you do or have you done any scuba diving? I dove a couple of times with a guy who has the same name as you do, on Vancouver Island? He was also an accomplished photographer.


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