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By nhentze
Hello all,

I have organized a birding trip to China for autumn 2009 (September 18th - October 2nd). All details, including itinerary, all booking details, and China visa application can be found at I think that at $2495 (plus taxes and gratuities and Chinese visa) including round-trip airfare (from Vancouver, see website for pricing from other destinations), meals, accommodations, local (non-birding) guides and in-country transportation this trip is very reasonably priced.

We will focus on the migration hotspots of Beidaihe and Happy Island (which both have species lists of over 400), with additional trips to other birding destinations in and around Beijing, the Great Wall, and Old Peak (a remnant forest patch with some terrific birds).

Please feel free to pass this information along to anybody you think may be interested. Hope to see you in China in '09!

Good Birding,
Nathan Hentze,
Prince George, BC
By wings
Can you make that web site a link?

OOps, sorry. I saw your other post which gave a link. Thanks.
Hello birders,

Just a quick update that the tour price has just been reduced from $2495 CDN down to $2195 CDN. Please see the first post for the website link and other details.

Thank you,
Nathan Hentze,
Victoria, BC (currently Cusco, Peru)
By compac
Good point on embedding videos that aren't your own, I think that generally the rules of academia should apply everywhere on the internet as responsible ethics. If it's not your media then post a link to the artist's own host, if it's not your argument, cite your source... etc, etc...
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