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By revs
I wasn't really going to promote my book much here, but since this section specifically mentions books i feel better about posting this.

Two years ago i started a book project using a template from and three revisions later and much procrastination i finally felt i had finished, i needed to finish this book.
Just before the end of 2014 i uploaded the project and checked out the preview.
I was a little concerned when many of the pictures looked grainy, i worried that maybe the book was going to look like that (it doesn't).

No sooner had i put the book up a birder friend bought a copy and actually had a copy of her own before i had even seen the finished work :o
She assured me though that it looked good but still in the back of my head i was thinking maybe she was just being nice to me :lol:

Working on the book i checked out the blurb books made by other photogs like featherweight, chantal, d peppar, butterfly on my shoulder and willi braun.
They all inspired me, so thanks all.

Words are always the hardest thing to put in a book, i remember once softly critiquing Glenn B's Equador book for being short on words (i bought a copy of it so felt i could say that :wink: ) and here i was now critiquing my book, short on words as well :lol:

I learned a lot putting this book together and am happy with the pictures as printed. There are maybe three pics that i would have swapped out for different ones had i known before how they would look but i got all the shots i considered "important" in the book.
I showed the book to a few people at work this week and the response was pretty good, one person who should have maybe looked the book through before publishing was the proof-reader who would have caught the run-on sentence and word that had a letter dropped (which i noticed on my own after uploading the book), he also commented how personally the book was written, which made me feel a bit self conscience, but whatever, i wear my heart on my sleeve sometimes when i write, i'm ok with that.

To wrap this all up, 188 pages, soft cover, 170 bird species photographed, more BC birds featured than US or world and 20 of the shots were taken in North and West Vancouver.

There are a few owl shots included as well for all of you owl-obsessed people but there is bird variety as well, i enjoy shooting sparrows just as much as Long-eared owls believe it or not and i hope it shows in the book.

I have copies for sale, PM me for details if interested, if not, please excuse the shameless (well, a little shame on my part) plug but really, that is what this section of the forum is for :P










Thanks for looking, this will be the last time you hear about this book on this forum, as the book "launch" has set sail already.

Wild Birds Unlimited North Vancouver location has copies for sale as well as me by the way.

Duckasso wrote:Hey Paul ,
Is your book available at any places in the Fraser Valley ? Langley surrey white rock abbotsford ?
Cheers !
Ray Morris
Wow, someone noticed this :lol:
I'd be happy to send you a copy Roy, as it is now, the only place it's for sale is Wild Birds Unlimited in North Vancouver (and i don't think they have sold one copy).
My fault for being flaky regarding promoting myself properly, but i do still have copies, will accept paypal payments or even cheques or money orders and will promptly send copies out in mail, i promise. :)

New promotional price to get rid of copies - $50

PM me if interested, and cheers right back at you :)

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