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By Owlet

Before school today we went to check out the SATHs that were seen on Koerner Road in Pitt Meadows. To my surprise, it was there. But even more surprising, there were two!

Sage Thrashers are really cool birds. They are in between the sizes of a robin and a sparrow, and have a cool sandy color with black belly streaks, curved bill, orange eye and long tail. They usually range, in the ABA area, from the southwest US to BC's Okanagan. In BC, Sage Thrashers are endangered and breed in extremely small numbers in a few areas in the Okanagan such as White Lake. But even there sightings are few and far, and almost always solitary.

Too bad the good camera's still in repair but still a fantastic bird and a lifer for me!

If any of you guys want to check it out here are the directions I typed out:

Get onto Neaves road from Old Dewdney Trunk. Neaves Road will eventually head north, and keep going along it as it turns into Rannie/Rennie Road. On the left side of the road (west) you will pass Swan-e-Set Bay Golf Course. This is your landmark. The next drivable road is Koerner Road, the Thrasher site. Warning - Koerner road is not signposted in real life, so just remember that it is past the golf course. You cannot turn left, since there is a gate blocking the road as it becomes a foot path. The Thrasher site is 𝘯𝘰𝘵 this way. You turn right on the pothole-filled gravel road. On the right (south) there should be a red barn. On the left (north) there should be a long row of Himalayan Blackberry that lines the whole road. Go down this road for about 500 meters, when you are approximately parallel to the barn, is where the thrashers are. They may be on both sides of the road, but are most often seen in the fields and perched on sprinklers.

Here are some of the photos!

ImageSage Thrasher by Adam Dhalla, on Flickr

ImageSage Thrasher by Adam Dhalla, on Flickr
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