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Lightroom Course ?????

Posted: Oct 05 9:30 am
by Guyzerr
Does anyone have an idea who might be offering a course in Lightroom. I have basic knowledge on how to use it but am wanting to up my game and become a lot better at it. To date I've found it frustrating and always revert back to one of my other editing programs that I'm well versed in using.

I did find one company in Abbotsford and after doing my research decided they offer a fairly expensive course but cram a lot into it into a few short hours.

Any solid leads would be appreciated.

Re: Lightroom Course ?????

Posted: Oct 05 9:39 am
by revs ... e_0111.php

I have Lightroom but have never played with it to tell you the truth because Photoshop and the Adobe RAW plugin do pretty much everything i want to do as far as processing shots goes.

Re: Lightroom Course ?????

Posted: Oct 06 8:27 am
by Guyzerr
Thanks for the reply Revs....
revs wrote: ... e_0111.php
During my hunt I found this site and almost signed up for the upcoming weekend course ( still might ) but decided against it for now. They seem to want to spend a lot of time on organization, workflow etc. and that's something I'm not interested in because I have a great system developed about 20 years ago. Ain't nobody gunna make me change so why spend the dough. What I want to do is learn how to use the program and make my shots pop.

In the end I might just start watching videos on-line, there's a ton of them. I do most of my editing on my laptop so could use my tower to watch the vids, pause it and then practice on my laptop.

A buddy that happens to be a very well known and respected photographer that just happens to live in my old stomping grounds lives / works in Edmonton. Maybe I have to go there for his course. What better excuse for a holiday.
This is the local company I mentioned that I investigated. To much cramming in a short time imo. A lot of time spent on doing stuff other than editing photos so I don't think the value for the money is there. Kind of like the other place.
revs wrote: I have Lightroom but have never played with it to tell you the truth because Photoshop and the Adobe RAW plugin do pretty much everything i want to do as far as processing shots goes.
What version of Photoshop do you use?
Adobe Photoshop Elements ???
Premiere Elements ???
OR something else?

I used Photoshop many years ago. Maybe I have to give that a whirl again because there's lots of things about LR that I don't like.

Re: Lightroom Course ?????

Posted: Oct 06 9:42 am
by revs
You might have better luck just buying a tutorial book, i know there are plenty of good one's that deal with Lightroom at Chapters and Indigo, i do that every now and then, just read a chapter or two and plug away until it makes sense, some come with cd's so you can do practice lessons.

I finally broke down and subscribed to Adobe Creative Cloud last year and am running the current PS CC 2017 version, as well as CC Bridge and the RAW plugin.
i read a PS book once and the guy that wrote it was a commercial photog and he said he did almost all of his editing in the RAW plugin before even opening pic in PS.
I'm probably a lot like you in that i never took a proper course, just hacked away for years until i developed a work flow that seems to work for me (beauty is in the eye of the beholder though and maybe my shots look crap to others LOL, i don't know, better than when i started in 2007 at least).

Re: Lightroom Course ?????

Posted: Oct 13 9:43 pm
by zwest
I feel pretty comfortable with Lightroom these days, but I really only use it to crop and fiddle with Contrast/Saturation/Exposure, get something looking decent to convert to jpg then do anything else I need to do in Photoshop. Some of the features like "Clarity" I have found to be completely useless... it's just a lot of trial and error, and a few Youtube videos to get an idea of what others are doing with it.