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Hi, I've got Robins nesting in my plum tree this year. Unfortunately they've built the nest only about 5.5 feet off the ground. Though it is well hidden, yesterday, I heard the robins freaking out, and I rushed over to the tree to find a cat climbing up the branches towards the nest. I sprayed the cat with water so hopefully it won't be back but Is there anything I can do to protect the nest, without disturbing the robins too much? I have 2 inch across by 4 inch gap heavy duty wire that's 4 feet tall. I was thinking of wrapping it around the perimeter of the tree like a fence to act as a deterrent to the cats. I can't use a baffle because the point where the tree branches off is very low down, and a cat could easily jump over it. So I thought maybe cordoning off a large area around the tree. Would they be able to get through the mesh? If any of this is a good idea, should I add a small water dish in the area, or would that attract more predators? I have enough wire to span an area of 10X10 around the tree. Is that big enough? I should mention that that area of my yard doesn't have a lot of shrub cover. It's basically lawn. I don't want to cause more harm so if you think I should just leave it be, I will. Thanks.
I had a similar problem years ago when we had English Setters (bird dogs) and Robins set up their nest about 4 feet off the ground in our back yard. We put 5' high wire fencing around the tree/bush (it was just wrapped loosely around the bush not much more) the Robins went back and forth through it with no concern and it was enough to keep the dogs from attempting to climb up the tree. Now it might be a lot tougher to keep a determined cat out but it sounds worth a try to me. As too water, if you mean so the Robins can have easy access to water in this hot weather yes for sure they will appreciate it. Hope all works out for them.
Thanks for your reply. I've set the perimeter fence up, and it already deterred a cat from approaching the tree. So you think a fledgling would be able to get through the fencing? It's a 2 inch by 4 inch gap. I just don't want to trap a fledgling in the fence since there is no shrubs to hide it from predators.

Thank you, Judy.

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