This forum is for asking questions and providing answers on bird identification. New and visiting birders are encouraged to ask and participate.
The purpose of this area in the Birding BC forums is to help new birders learn how to correctly identify birds they see in the wild. This section is also about giving reasons on why a bird is identified as from a particular species as part of the ID'ing process. A simple species answer, although convenient, is not ultimately valuable.

In order to facilitate proper identification techniques, a few details are required as part of the ID process.


When posting a photo or a description of a bird you wish to identify, please include the following basic information:

1. Details on the birds geographical location and habitat - Where was this bird?
2. Approx Date - When did you see the bird?

AND you are also encouraged to add the following as part of your request:

a. List out field marks you see
b. Make a guess at what species you think the bird is and why.
c. List out what similar bird you think it is not.
d. Give as some details on why you are having trouble with this identification.


Birders are encouraged to provide the reason WHY a bird is identified as from a particular species, and what fields marks make it this species. If you wish to provide a reference like page numbers in a field guide or a link to an online resource, you are encouraged to do so. Our goal is to help the new birder learn as well as correctly identify the bird.

For IDs that are considered 'obvious' for your knowledge and experience, please respect that the new birder is learning and offer guidance to assist them. And, of course, you can always pass on an ID, allowing others the challenge to make the correct identification.
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