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I have two hawks that have been hanging out in the tree in front of my place in the west end of Vancouver for the past four days.

I have been having a bit of trouble with the ID. At first I thought Northern goshawk when seen from afar due to the size and what appeared to be fine ventral barring on a white chest and a more grey dorsal colour (it was really wet the first day, and I only saw the lighter individual). On closer inspection and when the lighter chested one dried out, I was thinking coopers, due to the broader bars on chest and the more brownish colour. They appear larger or close to the size of the crows that have been pestering them, making me think coopers again.

Thanks in advance for any help. New to the birding community in the lower mainland and just found this excellent forum! ... ed-public/ ... ed-public/
Great, Thank you both for the help!

Yes, I wondering about the "eyebrow" on the juvenile, It did not look as pronounced as on images of adult goshawks, but not knowing the markings on the juveniles, I was not sure.
The juvenile Northern Goshawk that has been hanging around North Vancouver is noticeably bigger than a Cooper's Hawk, and in flight has a much more broad wingspan.

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