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These are dunlins, Snipes are usually solitary or in small groups and are very secretive in marshes and grassy fields, and are usually in groups of 2-5. They do not fly that much unless spooked, and have longer bills. They also have white stripes on their back. Dunlins are much more common on mudflats and can congregate in groups up to tens of thousands of birds, and often mix in with Least Sandpipers, western sandpipers, and other small sandpipers.

I hope this helps :D !
thank you all for your help and the warm welcome, my interest is primarily photography and not birding but if you live in a place like Gabriola which has so much wildlife you have to try and acquire a bit of knowledge. This search for information started with my post on the Gabriola facebook page with the following picture which doesn't really show the birds very well but it got people curious about what I had captured.

Image17. Birds by Frank Gab&Tor, on Flickr

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