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Howdy all. An out-of-towner ID challenge for someone...

I saw this bird down in Mexico last month (Coba, Quintana Roo, early December) and perhaps-too-hastily checked it off as a blue-winged warbler. But a chap just emailed me and suggested the wing bars are more illustrative of a lawrence's warbler & suggested it was a hybrid.

Anyone familiar with those species be able to chime in? I must say, I think he may be right.

Hi Ben,

On a Blue-winged Warbler the wing bars should be white, so your friend is correct in saying that this bird is a hybrid with a Golden-winged Warbler. However, I think this hybrid type is called a Brewster's Warbler, as it has the head pattern of a Blue-winged. A Lawrence's would usually have a Golden-winged head pattern, I believe. If you do a quick search on google you will find more about these hybrid types.

Good Birding,
Josh Brown
North Vancouver
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