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By VAGAbond
Last week I was visiting in central Nebraska and took some time to photograph a very large flock of geese wintering on nearby pond. I was looking over my photographs and trying to sort out the Canada geese from the Cackling geese as it was a mixed flock with a range of sizes for both species. There were a very few snow geese and after a quick look I didn't pay much attention but in reviewing my photographs I see want appears to be a very small white goose. In the following picture the arrow indicates a partial hidden Snow Goose and you can see the size difference from it to the small goose in the circle. Unfortunatley the picture of the smaller goose isn't good enough to clearly see the bill structure. Opinions, is it a Ross's Goose?

By VAGAbond
Thanks. That is a lifer. Wish I had paid more attention at the time.
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